Mortgage Knowledge Sourcing: Ground Reality

We are gradually shifting or perhaps have moved to knowledge based era wherein majority of the existing tenured professionals lacks required expertise and that fresh talent as hired takes time to come up the learning curve.

This era is to see tremendous challenges in terms of hiring, training and then retention. Limited trained resources are avaliable in the market and then are in great demand. Average tenure with the company that I have been seeing for these resources is less than 12 months. Freshers if prefered takes 3-6 months to go live and subsequently a year to work independently. Driving quality output and meet client’s expectations is a real challenge in given situation. Moreover its difficult to retain trained resources since are always tapped and targeted by direct and indirect competitors.

Considering depth and complexity, Mortgage Domain experts are difficult to find in. Continuous learning attitute is required and can only come with an interest and years of dedication. BPO and Call Centre culture have always failed to nurture this attitude or was not need of the hour then. Top management groomed in this preceeding era would find it difficult to cop up with this BPO to KPO transition. They lacks expertise and there direct dependency on young managers results in conflicts and escalations. Training such tenured management professionals on new business requirements is a real challenge and that considering cost I would not be surpise if they are soon labeled as unemployable.

Patience and consistency is a key to sucess in KPO era. New talent joining needs to realise this and change their prespective towards the industry. Its no longer a sector to hang around with. We are into serious business and workforce from some good handsome institutes should only be absorbed to take up the challenges.

Such workforce is an investment and that margins and profits the way it was seen will now have extended pay back period. However one should realise that they are investing in future and is required for survival.

Managing clients and daily operations is the other challenge that your processes are never going to enter a steady phase. The output and decisions recommended by KPOs is directly impacting the client and its customer and then for client its a Risky Affair. Given this they would not mind bothering you daily.


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