US Mortgage Underwriting – Training Program

US Mortgage Underwriters are in great demand in India. Most of the service providers in India are willing to offer high pay packages for candidates with these skill sets. However due to lack of formal training and certification in this area there is a resource crunch making it difficult for service providers to ramp up [...]


Onshore-Offshore Origination Model

 Onshore-Offshore Loan Origination Model In today’s highly competitive environment with growing demand for faster credit delivery it becomes essential for Mortgage Originators to improve process efficiency enhancing customer experience and at the same time reduce operational expenses. Onshore-Offshore Origination Model helps client migrate origination processes and activities to offshore facilities taking advantage of difference in [...]

Mortgage Knowledge Sourcing: Ground Reality

We are gradually shifting or perhaps have moved to knowledge based era wherein majority of the existing tenured professionals lacks required expertise and that fresh talent as hired takes time to come up the learning curve. This era is to see tremendous challenges in terms of hiring, training and then retention. Limited trained resources are [...]

Mortgage Origination Cycle

Loan Requirement >> Origination >> Processing >> Underwriting >> Closing >> Post Closing >> Servicing A typical loan cycle starts with borrower shopping for mortgage loan. Borrower might be seeking loan to refinance with better rate or term or a cash out or might be for purchase of new property. If its purchase he might [...]

Mortgage Underwriting Quality Control

Post Recession, agencies like Fannie, Freddie and FHA has a mandate for quality control reviews to be done and reported by lenders. This requirement opened up new avenues for mortgage service providers, specifically at offshore facilities, since this activity is preferably outsourced to third party vendor. Quality reviews involves verification of accuracy and integrity of [...]